Monday, December 19, 2011

Michelle's Birthday

28 November 2011
So we had Michelle over to celebrate her 25th birthday. Normally I give my kids money, but Michelle had expressed that she enjoyed getting presents and surprises from her family. Therefore, I attempted to purchase something that I thought she would like. Yes, I would try something different to please my new daughter.
My husband told me not to make this attempt, citing the fact that we have very different tastes and it probably wouldn't go over so well. LOL! Of course, I didn't listen to him. I figured I would at least give it one shot before giving up. Hahaha!

Before Michelle opened her gift, I prefaced that if she didn't like it, she had no obligation to keep it and she could return it and there would be no hard feelings....I had her really nervous! Ewww the pressure! Fail #1. Michelle does not like jewlery.Fail #2. Okay. First off, Michelle didn't even know what this was! Hahaha! She had it upside down and thought it was a skirt. Then she started turning it and said it was a halter top. LOL. It's a blouse. :) I thought it had a little Asian flare and assumed she would like it. Wrong.When she realized she was clueless and we were all laughing at her, she got a little embarrassed. Yeah, we tend to do that to people! ;)Then when she pulled her next item out, Gabriel told her they were her "Eskimo hooker boots!" Hahaha...she got a kick out of that.Hmmmmm....Michelle considered the boots for a minute and said she might wear them. See, I look at that outfit and think they are smokin' hot cool! Complete with blingy jewelry. Who wouldn't like that? Wellll...apparently Michelle. :)Despite the fact that Michelle was unsure of her gift, Frankie made her go into the bathroom to try everything on.Michelle was a little afraid to admit this is not something she would wear. However, she broke down and confessed that this was not her. :( Okay. My husband was right. Ughh.... I hate recognizing that fact. I guess next time I will just give her money. The good news...Michelle took her items back and bought a Christmas tree for their home. :) She got something she wanted after all AND she didnt' have to pretend liking something she didn't. I figure we all win. She got something she wanted and we got a laugh out of it. SWEET!

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Rebekah Del Priore said...

Hey! At least you tried! But I agree $$$ is Great!